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Laravel, Vue, Inertia, Alpine, Tailwind


It was a "software as a service" platform that allows non profits to get donations online by adding web profiles with subdomains, themes & subscription plans.

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Laravel, Flutter

Losa Group mobile & backend app

Mobile application for Android & IOS to handle properties reservations with an API application with Laravel & dashboard interface to manage them.

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Vue, VueRouter, VueX, Sass

Grupo alta single page application

It adds landing pages for many partners of this companies group into a single page application made with Vue technologies.

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Empire music festival

One of the biggest music festival around central and south america, requires a site that reflects the vibes and quality of this event.

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PHP, Javascript, Laravel

Larapex Charts composer package

Laravel package to add javascript charts without writing a single line of Javascript, it has integrations for blade templates with PHP & Vue components with inertiaJS.

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PHP, Laravel

Laravel JSON API package

It adds an authentication scaffold for APIs, (register, login, logout, etc), it works with Passport or Sanctum official packages.

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PHP, Laravel

Laravel pagaloGT gateway package

It simplify payments process with PagaloGT payment gateway using Laravel.